Forest Machinery

New harvester head models H423, H425 and H425HD

The H423 harvester head has been designed for thinnings and small-size trees. The more robust H425 and H425HD harvester heads are designed for final fellings and big trees. The new harvester head models replace the previous H413, H415 and H415HD models. A firm grip, four-wheel feed and high-performance delimbing ensure high productivity. Feeding is efficient and fast, thanks to the harvester head's unique four-wheel drive and the mechanical locking of the differential. The changes made based on customer feedback improve ease of use, durability, performance, and economy.

Customers are impressed with the robust structure, increased durability, carefully routed hoses, and easy access to service points of the new harvester head models.

The PEVO valve improves the harvester head’s performance, adjustability, and economy compared to the predecessor model. Improved hose routing from the boom to the harvester head and from the valve block to feed motors improves hose durability. The new, hinged valve block cover makes daily maintenance easy. Grease points and the saw chain oil tank are also easier to access, and the greasing interval is longer than before. Also these models are equipped with the new SuperCut 100S saw unit.

John Deere harvester heads are known for their productivity, reliability and measuring accuracy.

John Deere harvester heads are high-performance tools that meet the industry’s stringent quality requirements in all working conditions. Harvester head testing is part of John Deere’s product testing process. Each harvester head model has been field-tested for thousands of hours before the start of serial production. John Deere harvester heads are designed and manufactured in Finland.

H423 harvester head

  • First thinnings, thinnings and early regeneration felling
  • Maximum cutting diameter 580 mm
  • Maximum opening of feed rollers 500 mm
    Ideal for thinnings and other fellings where the tree diameter at chest height is 150-350 mm
  • Feeding force 27 kN
  • Maximum feeding speed 4.3 – 5.3 m/s
  • Weight starting at 955 kg
  • Base machines 1070G, 1170G, 1270G

H425 harvester head

  • Maximum cutting diameter 710 mm
  • Maximum opening of feed rollers 630 mm
    Ideal for final and other fellings where the tree diameter at chest height is 250-500 mm
  • Feeding force 27 kN
  • Maximum feeding speed 2.9 – 7.0 m/s
  • Weight starting at 1,360 kg
  • Base machines 1270G, 1470

The H425HD harvester head model has the following features:

  • Feed motor guards
  • HD tilt handle
    Expander pins in the upper tilt cylinder, feed motor arms, and lower delimbing knives
  • Weight: 1,390 kg

The new SuperCut 100S saw unit for all John Deere harvester heads.

In 2020, all John Deere harvester heads will have the new SuperCut 100S saw unit. The saw unit’s next-generation chain tensioning unit, automatic chain tensioning, and mechanical bar locking give it added efficiency and reliability. The improved chain release makes it easier to replace the saw chain. The new saw unit enables also a bigger selection in terms of saw motors and saw bars.