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Ron Back is Logset`s new CEO

Ron Back

Forestry machine manufacturer Logset's finance and administration director Ron Back has been elected as the company's CEO from the beginning of next year. When the current CEO retires, the transition is a natural step in the company's development.

Ron Back (40) has worked as Logset's finance and administration director since 2019. Previously, he has worked as CEO of VAMP at Schneider Electric, among other things.

- Now the management team is starting to come together. At the helm is a competent and youthful team, Pascal Rety was appointed as deputy CEO at the same time. Kari Mikkilä was invited from retirement to develop the company at the beginning of the year, and the man did exactly what was ordered. Now is the right time to move on, and we thank Kari for what has passed, comments chairman of the board Tapio Nikkanen.

- Despite the extraordinary times, we have been able to develop Logset's business. We are in a good market position to answer, for example, the environmental issues of the forest industry. We look to the future with a positive mind, despite the world situation, Ron Back commented.

A reasonable year behind us

Logset has managed to grow the business even in the midst of these difficult times. Apart from the first corona year, the company's financial development has been positively rising.

- We were a little dozy at the end of the previous year, when the industrial trend of inflation started to increase more. However, we were able to correct the situation at the end of the past fiscal year, and that work is still ongoing. Despite the sudden end of the Russian market, our order book is still very good. Thanks go to our committed staff, who are also behind this success, says Ron Back.

Operations on all continents

Logset launched a subsidiary in Brazil during the past fiscal year. In addition to that, we have our own business subsidiaries in Sweden and Canada, not forgetting our home country. In addition to our own companies,the distribution network includes approximately 30 dealers in different countries. The turnover of the last fiscal period was 50 million euros.