Linkiwood Summit 2023: A Forest Innovation Revolution

My name is Alex Wysocki, but you may know me better as Linkiwood. In 2014, I created the Instagram channel, Linkiwood, to share my passion for forests, woodworking, and innovation with the world. Over the years, my journey has led me to analyse the online behaviour of forest enthusiasts for various projects, including collaborations with wood marketplaces, timber ERP, forests mobile apps and smart forest machines. Today, I am proud to introduce a groundbreaking event that aims to bring together forest software innovators, wood business experts, and a vast network of forest enthusiasts – the Linkiwood Summit 2023.

Linkiwood Techno Summit 2023

The Linkiwood Summit 2023 is not just another wood industry event; it represents a new frontier in forestry gatherings. We have transcended the conventional model of conferences where attendees are bombarded with sales pitches. Instead, our focus is on exploring how innovations can empower wood companies to increase their profitability and reduce costs. This event is an opportunity to learn, collaborate, and have fun.

Our diverse group of members, including Pinja (Finland), OTMETKA (Sweden), WoodFlow (Brazil), Polter App )Germany), WoodScanner (UK), Deeplai (Poland), HDLogSystems (Denmark) and many others, hail from Australia, the USA, Poland, and beyond. They encompass a wide range of roles, from CIOs and CEOs to business owners, managers, and even field workers. All of them share a common desire to stay at the forefront of forest technology and innovation.

Having attended over 40 forest events in Europe and played a pivotal role in organising webinars and conferences, I decided to leverage the Linkiwood platform to facilitate conversations, share best practices, collaborate on tech projects, and most importantly, enjoy the process. Thus, the Linkiwood Summit 2023 was born.

This summit is a collaborative effort, with the invaluable input of four professionals skilled in organising both forest and IT conferences. We conducted surveys involving 30 wood companies to ensure that our event meets their needs and expectations. As a result, we've crafted an agenda that includes speeches, product demos, and panel discussions that cut straight to the core issues without the usual industry jargon.

The motto of the event, "Innovate and Monetise," coined by Mike Wisnefski, the ex-CEO of MaterialsXchange, reflects our commitment to addressing real business challenges and opportunities. Our lineup of speakers and our website reflect this dedication to delivering actionable insights.

Who should be excited about the Linkiwood Summit 2023? The answer is simple: anyone connected to the wood industry, including top managers, office staff, field employees, foresters, contractors, financial and business departments, sales and purchasing teams, analysts, and IT professionals.

When we talk about the wood industry audience, we encompass a wide array of sectors:

  • Forest companies
  • Logging and hauling companies
  • Sawmills and wood processing mills
  • Pulp and paper factories
  • Exporters and importers
  • Biofuel companies
  • Distributors of automated equipment and forest machinery
  • Anyone interested in the future of the industry

The Linkiwood Summit 2023 promises to be a treasure trove of knowledge about digital factories, forest mobile apps, wood trade platforms, supply chain management, AI, and automation. You'll gain insights into how wood innovations are shaping the industry in countries such as Brazil, England, Germany, Finland, Australia, China, and many more.

In addition to the knowledge-sharing aspect, the summit will feature an online chat platform for networking and business discussions, ensuring that participants can connect, collaborate, and forge valuable connections.

As a gesture of gratitude to our Finnish friends, we are delighted to extend a special offer to readers of Metsatrans, our esteemed media partner. You can enjoy a 15% discount on any online ticket purchase by using the exclusive promo code METSATRANS. It's important to keep in mind that this exceptional offer is available for the first 99 tickets only and valid till November 1.

I invite you to join us at the Linkiwood Summit 2023, where innovation and collaboration are at the heart of our mission to propel the forest industry into a prosperous and sustainable future. Together, we can unlock the potential of the forest and wood sector like never before.

If you have something interesting to present and say during the event, please contact me.

Alex Wysocki



Linkiwood Techno Summit 2023