Epec acquires Bram Engineers from the Netherlands

Finnish technology company Epec Oy has acquired the Dutch Bram Engineers B.V. The companies have signed an agreement according to which the company will be acquired by Epec as of 1st November 2023. The background of this acquisition is in a long-term partnership between Bram and Epec. Bram and Epec have had a valuable collaboration in delivering products and services for machine manufacturers for many years. The acquisition will make it possible to provide customers software development and systems engineering services and products related to software, electrification, autonomous systems and control systems even more widely in the future.

The transaction is in line with Epec's growth strategy. According to Epec's CEO Jyri Kylä-Kaila, Epec has actively sought expansion opportunities in Europe.
"The acquisition of Bram Engineers is an important strategic development step for us, and together we will be able to better support the business operations of both Bram Engineers and Epec's European customers. Epec's customers are not only looking for high-tech products but also services that keep them at the forefront of machine development and manufacturing," says Kylä-Kaila.

Jyri Kylä-Kaila

Product and service offering is evolving

According to Jyri Kylä-Kaila, the acquisition will strengthen the customer service of both companies.
- Bram Engineers is known for its high-quality service, thanks to which the integration of their business with Epec's quality requirements will be smooth, Kylä-Kaila believes. – We have several ongoing projects with our customers related to, for example, customized products, which also opens up new cooperation opportunities for Bram Engineers' customers.

Epec Oy, part of the Ponsse Group, is a system supplier specializing in advanced electronics and software for machinery and commercial vehicles operating in demanding conditions, electric powertrain systems, and assistive and autonomous systems. In early 2023, Epec expanded into the United States and established an office in Milwaukee. The company also has an office focused on sales and customer support in China, as well as a dealer network around the world.