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New large size class John Deere H Series forest machines - A New standard for logging

The new large size class John Deere H Series harvesters and forwarders demonstrate higher productivity with lower fuel consumption, better stability, and improved operator ergonomics. With industry-leading innovations, John Deere is a frontrunner setting new production system standards in forest machine operations. Investments in product development, innovation and technology result in solutions improve business for customers now and into the future.

Jari Mennala, Mary Pat Tubb
Jari Mennala and Mary Pat Tubb at the H Series launch in Järvenpää, Finland 24.4.2024

John Deere is rolling out its first H Series wheeled cut-to-length forest machine models. The large size class machine models – the 1270H and 1470H harvesters and the 2010H and 2510H forwarders – made their debut at a launch event in Järvenpää on April 24, 2024. The forwarder size class is new and includes the 20-ton load capacity 2010H and the 25-ton load capacity 2510H forwarders.


The high-performance engine of the new H Series harvesters has 10% more power and torque. New hydraulics with three dedicated pumps offer more hydraulic power and higher work pressure for feeding. The optimized system ensures balanced fuel economy. The new Active Frame Lock brings more stability, whether working on steep slopes or flat ground. This makes it easier to work when the boom is sideways and gives the operator a larger working area.

Compared to the G Series, H Series harvesters enable significantly increased productivity and remarkably lower fuel consumption per harvested cubic meter.

John Deere 1470H 6W
John Deere 1470H 6W.

New harvester booms. The new H7 boom for harvesters offers approximately 10% more lift power and slewing torque. The new H9 boom also has the same 10% increase in lift power, and the slewing torque is 5% more than in the previous model.

Operator comfort and improved visibility with the new cabin design

John Deere’s large size class H Series harvesters 1270H and 1470H feature a new rear chassis and new placement of the engine, hydraulic oil and fuel tanks, and pumps. The design of the machines reflects John Deere's collaboration with BMW Design Works. In both harvester models, the engine has been turned 180 degrees, the hydraulic oil and fuel tanks, and the pumps have been placed at the front of the engine, and the cooler and the fan at the rear of the machine. The changes make the cabin very quiet. At the same time, the back of the machine has been lowered, significantly improving rear visibility. The new cabin has increased the rotating angle by 30 degrees to each side. Altogether the cabin now rotates 220 degrees. The rotating and levelling cabin is now standard in the large H Series.

The benefits offered by the Intelligent Boom Control have been acknowledged since 2013. The popular and unique IBC 2.0 is now a standard feature in our large H Series harvesters. John Deere is continuing to develop IBC technology.


The new design in large size class forwarders – 2010H and 2510H – share the same new engine space and the hood designed in collaboration with BMW Design Works.

The new large size class 20-ton and 25-ton forwarders offer 25% more load capacity. The new twin motor driveline in the 2510H forwarder also offers a 50% faster driving speed. The twin motor driveline is also an available option for the 2010H forwarder.

The new booms, F9 and F10, offer more power and longer reach. The F10 has a new longer reach of 10.2 meters. The corresponding longer reach in the F9 boom is 10.7 meters. The hydraulic hosing and hose routings have been improved. The new F10 is the strongest forwarder boom in the market. With the 40% increased boom lift torque and 22% higher slewing torque, larger grapple options are now available. The new F9 boom has 13% more boom lift torque and 10% more slewing torque.

The new geometry of the booms, five joint connections between the main boom and jib boom, provide better controllability and load handling accuracy and a more constant speed for the whole loading cycle. To facilitate working on steep slopes, the backwards tilt angle is 22 degrees to the rear, which improves the slewing function of the boom.

The new frame lock brings more stability, even with a full load. The new cylinder-based frame lock enables stability in forwarding the big loads over long distances.

New solutions for eucalyptus forwarding. Our offering includes an extra-long rear frame suitable for 7.2-m eucalyptus. The new eucalyptus headboard is a more durable and stronger design. The main headboard is rigid, and the separate upper headboard moves hydraulically.

IBC 3.0 with automated functions – back to bunch, back to load and automatically to transportation mode – is now standard in the large H Series forwarders.

John Deere 2510H
John Deere 2510H.

John Deere cabins are designed to keep operators energized throughout the day

From intuitive interfaces to ergonomic designs and from the quiet cabin to accessible service points, every aspect is crafted to enhance the operator’s experience and ease of use. John Deere understands the value of minimizing fatigue and preserving energy for what truly matters. The cabins support the wellbeing of harvester and forwarder operators, and ergonomics play an important role in productivity.

The new cabin design is based on operator feedback. The modernized cabin design is matched to the design of the H Series machines. Noise-isolating materials are used in the cabin interior. The relocated fresh air intakes and improved climate control ensure a stable temperature in changing conditions. The new H Series comes with more and better-quality lighting for increased visibility around the working area.

a new secondary display for base machine functions and cameras
a New secondary display for base machine functions and cameras.

The new interior design gives the operator more storage spaces. A phone tray with wireless charger, a place for shoes, and a water bottle, cooler and lunch tray table. Other features include a new secondary display for base machine functions and cameras, multiple charging outlets, new pedal for selecting drive direction, new premium audio system with subwoofer and treble speakers. New armrests and controls and configurable key buttons. Programmable button joysticks are now available in the H Series harvesters.

button joysticks

New seat options include a leather fabricated seat and a heavy-duty seat. Basic and comfort seats are also available. Seat ventilation is available with all seat options.

John Deere is introducing the new Intelligent Cabin Key – a personal remote key to unlock the machine door now also turns on the PC and TimberMatic control system with operator-specific configurations. The Intelligent Cabin Key can also be personalized for service personnel and trailer drivers, and it includes an immobilizer.

New TimberMatic H automation

New TimberMatic H automation offers a visually improved, intuitive user interface designed for forestry professionals. The totally new control system supports the operator’s ability to achieve a superior logging performance. The completely redesigned user interface is more straightforward and easily accessible. The H automation system creates a common and consistent user experience for all forestry products. The new visualisation includes options for night and daylight view. And the info relevant to the situation is shown on the display.


John Deere is introducing the longest service intervals in the market – up to 1000h with John Deere ProtectTM service agreement products.

Daily servicing is made easy. The refill points are all located in the same easily accessible place. All machines have an electric engine oil level sensor and a totally new central greasing system for ease of use.

The new H216 harvester head for H1270 and H1470 harvesters and tracked harvesters

A new two-roller harvester head, designed for hardwood and softwood applications. The new head is designed for large size class harvesters and will replace the previous H270 head. The H216 harvester head is fully compatible with H Series harvesters and tracked harvesters.

The new H216 harvester head includes a top-saw option, long processing knives, HD-tilt, standard tilt, a find end laser sensor, and Multispeed feed motors. The saw unit enables using wide, less vibrating, and long saw bars for large trees. The new head is available for the 1270H harvester with 8.6- and 10.0-meter boom reaches and for the 1470H harvester with 8.6-, 10-, and 11-meter reaches.

John Deere H216
John Deere H216.

The H Series comes with industry-leading solutions and services, establishing itself as a cutting-edge production system

The large H Series, equipped with John Deere’s digital solutions and lifecycle services, represents the future of logging. Featuring TimberMatic H automation with fully integrated Maps, the H Series benefits from John Deere’s connectivity, enabling real-time data sharing and extending global coverage through collaboration with industry-leading providers. The incorporation of map-based visualizations and real-time information sharing empowers effective site planning, operator assistance, and reporting. Furthermore, the utilization of machine data, analytics capabilities, and digital tools sets a new standard for user support through John Deere’s global dealer network. The modern software architecture, coupled with continuously evolving data integration capabilities, forms the foundation for a production system that meets the industry’s needs both today and into the future.

The decisions made today hold the power to shape tomorrow. John Deere envision a future where their production system empowers individuals and businesses to reach their full potential and where every action is driven by the wellbeing of future generations.

John Deere is a frontrunner. Market leadership in the industry requires innovativeness. New machine models reflect excellent quality, operational reliability and innovative solutions that add customer value. The H Series sets a new standard.