Epec launches Epec EC44 Agri Control Unit for Agriculture Implements

Epec EC44 Agri Control Unit

Finnish technology company Epec launches EC44 Agri Control Unit with ISOBUS communication support for agriculture implements. Epec provides all the needed hardware and software for ISOBUS implement or gateway development.

ISOBUS brings plug-and-play compatibility between different manufacturers and brands for tractors and their implements, such as seeders or fertilizers. Before the ISOBUS standard, implements were operated via their own human-machine interfaces (HMI), and having several implements meant several HMIs in the tractor cabin.

ISOBUS removes the need for extra HMIs and cablings enabling enhanced usability and visibility for the operator. Furthermore, ISOBUS offers means for high level of automation where the implement is working seamlessly together with the tractor to enable improved efficiency and productivity, helping new machine operators to succeed effectively, and lowering the overall environmental impact.

Epec EC44 Agri Control Unit and ISOBUS system solution

Epec EC44 Agri Control Unit has a powerful 32-bit processor and large internal memory for the application, it’s user interface and parameters. The unit has a full aluminum housing with IP69K protection and a lever locking connector designed especially for high vibration environments. Epec EC44 Agri Control Unit is compact for its 32 I/O pins and 2 CAN connections. The unit’s set-up and application programming is streamlined with Epec system development toolchain, including the needed ISOBUS libraries.

Epec EC44 Agri Control Unit can be used as an ISOBUS standalone unit or as a ISOBUS gateway unit between ISOBUS and other CAN networks. When used as a gateway, it can be used to upgrade a non-ISOBUS compatible implement control system to be ISOBUS compatible without re-designing the whole system.