Epec releases a high-quality display designed for demanding conditions

Technology company Epec releases Epec Display Unit 6807. Epec 6807 display is engineered to withstand challenging conditions that are commonly encountered in NRMM applications. The display’s advantages are easy integration into different machine types with its versatile interfaces, scalable CPU performance, a seamless full-glass front and a high visual performance and sunlight readability. Even in bright sunlight or challenging lighting conditions, Epec 6807 Display offers excellent readability, wide viewing angles and clear image quality allowing operators to access crucial information effortlessly. With its 7″ capacitive touch screen, it is compact, yet big enough to fit many purposes and the same product can be used for both panel and pedestal mounting. The displays are manufactured at Epec’s factory in Finland.

“6807 is also backwards compatible with our Epec 6107 display unit and minimizes the needed effort for a product upgrade for our current customers with 7” display. Ensuring continuity for our customers is always a priority for us, and 6807 is a good example about that commitment. Moreover, the display is also easily integrated into various systems through its interfaces, and we also have the capability to develop customized products when needed," explains Kari Ahvenlampi, Product Manager.

For more information about the 6807 Display Unit, please visit the Epec website or contact our sales team at

Epec in brief

Epec Oy is a system supplier specializing in advanced electrics / electronics for efficient, safe and connected non-road mobile machines (NRMM) and commercial vehicles. Since 1978, Epec’s diverse experience is based on long term cooperation with leading international OEM’s in different sectors e.g. mining, construction, forestry, agriculture, municipal and material handling industries. Epec is a manufacturer with extensive experience in control systems, customized projects, electric vehicle systems and autonomous functions.

Being close to our customers, we continuously co-create and innovate sustainable future technology solutions that make a difference.