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Nordic Traction Group plans to transfer track production to Finland

Nordic Traction Group announces its proposal and intention for strategic relocation of track manufacturing operations from Scotland to Finland.

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The Nordic Traction Group, owner of Clark-Tracks Ltd, has announced its proposal and intention, subject to consultation, to close the production facilities in Dumfries, Scotland and transfer production to Finland. Nordic Traction Group is planning to centralise production in Loimaa, Finland.

This intended move is driven by several key factors that align with the group’s commitment to environmental responsibility, operational efficiency, and responsiveness to the needs of customers.

”This strategic intention to relocate our manufacturing operations to Finland aligns with our commitment to sustainability, cost-efficiency, and meeting the needs of our customers,” said CEO of Nordic Traction Group Tero Järvinen.

"We believe that this move would not only enhance our operational capabilities but also strengthen our relationships with our key customers and investors who share our values.”

“Finland offers competitive energy prices and commitments to CO2 emission free energy solutions. It is also closer to much of our customer base. Centralised production facilities will allow us to optimise logistics and achieve economies of scale.” Järvinen states.

Collective consultations in Dumfries will be completed at earliest in the end of April. The possible relocation is intended to be completed during the year 2024 with continued deliveries during the project.