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Sampo-Rosenlew HR56 - a brand new six-wheel harvester

Sampo-Rosenlew is introducing a brand new six-wheel harvester, HR56. One of the hallmarks of Sampo-Rosenlew machines has always been their suitability for thinning young forests, so the new model is a natural step in the development of their range.

Sampo-Rosenlew HR56

The HR56 is based on Sampo-Rosenlews best selling HR46x harvester with remarkable new features that improve both efficiency and productivity. The familiar components used in the construction of the machine combined with tried and tested technical solutions ensure low operating and maintenance costs.

Key features

Better reach: The HR56 is equipped with a Logger crane with a 10-meters reach.

Sampo HR56

Less harvesting damage, more stability: The HR56 is equipped with a front bogie, so the surface pressure exerted on the ground by the six-wheeled machine is low. The front bogie combined with a low centre of gravity make the machine stable to work with.

Sampo HR56

Enviromentally friendly: The HR56 harvester is an energy-efficient and environmentally friendly choice for thinning and harvesting energy wood. It is a comprehensively sensible package with low operating and maintenance costs.

Sampo HR56